If you’re facing a labor dispute, upcoming collective bargaining agreement expiration, peak season or other labor crisis, TAG Strikeforce can help. We have decades of experience in crisis consulting and deploying skilled contingency workforces. We execute effective crisis labor solutions across numerous industries and in many situations.

Consulting & Assessing

Many corporations are caught off guard or are inexperienced when dealing with labor disputes, strikes, or sudden work stoppages. Negotiations can often turn sour in an instant and picket lines can become disruptive to productivity during labor disputes. Our experienced project managers will help identify hidden, existing, or emerging risks within or outside the organization.

Labor Dispute Workforces

When you utilize TAG Strikeforce, we will determine your business’s unique needs, locate and accommodate qualified replacement workers, provide options for transportation across picket lines, provide appropriate housing for the replacement workers, and follow the appropriate protocol for Strikeforce disbandment after a new contract is ratified.

Strike Security

The safety of a company’s management and workers is our top priority during a labor disruption. Implementing effective and practical security measures is a must.

Although we are not a security provider, we offer expertise in the selection of the best security partner to fit your needs. We work with the best third-party security providers to ensure we meet your unique situations. We offer candid feedback on security plans as well as supervise the security provider to help ensure that our clients obtain the maximum value from the security vendor and receive adequate levels of protection.

Are You Prepared for a Labor Dispute?

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